Product label design for 'Yellow Diamonds' wonder pill

Posted on Mar 10, 2011 in Branding, Health & Beauty

Product Label Design - Yellow Diamonds by Duffy Design Auckland

Duffy’s ‘designer label’ for Osmosis’s new yellow wonder pills, aptly named ‘Yellow Diamond’s, with inspiration from Ben Harper’s song, ‘Diamonds On The Inside’.

The bottle sticker design needed to look classy and sophisticated. The label uses a clear holographic foil that shimmers with particles like a diamond – a very cool bottle label design.

So what makes these pills wonderful? They contain a proprietary blend of beneficial nutrients that activate our cells to stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the fuel for our metabolism and all cellular activity. Yellow Diamonds take free fatty acids (fat) and convert them into energy while allowing our adrenals to rest! Increasing energy, focus, metabolism, burning fat, removing toxins, lowering bad cholesterol, and curbing your appetite by stabilizing blood sugar.

“Duffy Design is a long awaited and desperately needed player to Auckland’s design space.
This past November we incorporated our Osmosis Skin Care business from Colorado. For a few months Kay and I really struggled to find a local company that delivers the same level of excellence we were accustomed to in California.
Duffy may be a boutique operator but Belinda truly offers the same level of quality of “design intelligence” as any of her counterparts in LA.
Belinda has an amazing ability to take a crude concept and deliver true inspiration in a very short period of time.”

Jack Savas, Director, Osmosis Skin Care New Zealand.